Family Fun

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Family Fun
By: Sonja M. |  Date:  Monday, June 30, 2014
We purchased the 5-way Radio Flyer wagon for our son, Nolan, as part of his Easter gift. We put his basket inside the wagon and as SOON as he turned the corner and saw the wagon his eyes lit up! It was very cute seeing him get so excited, especially considering he was only 16 months old.

We use our wagon almost every day. It has become a family tradition to go on a wagon walk every night. All we have to say is the word "wagon" and Nolan gets so excited running to the door and jumping up and down. He knows exactly what we're getting ready to do. We take the wagon on all outside activities. We've taken it to the park, zoo, BBQ's, and parades. It's been such a blessing because Nolan was getting to the age where he would get fussy in the stroller. It was too restricting and he couldn't see around him. He LOVES his wagon and is completely content when he's in it. The selling feature on the model we purchased was the tray. It's very easy for us to feed him his meal or snack right there in the wagon and he also has his little cup holder so his drink is right there when he wants it. Our family has so much fun with the wagon and most important Nolan absolutely loves it. I believe we are creating memories that will last a lifetime for our family and that really touches my heart. THANK YOU Radio Flyer, your wagon is the center of all these fun memories we are making with our son. **This picture is his first zoo trip in his wagon. We had a blast.

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