Family Hikes: No one gets left behind

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Family Hikes: No one gets left behind
By: Jon C. |  Setting: Oxford, MI  |  Date:  Sunday, May 14, 2017
We have two dogs. Duke is 9 and is probably a shepherd/chow mix. He is 70 pounds. Lola is 1 and probably a lab, hound and Doberman mix. We rescued them about a 1 year ago from K9 Stray after our dog Maverick passed away. I was hesitant to rescue a dog but my wife was pretty passionate about saving a life. So of course, we rescued two dogs.

According to the staff at K9 Stray, Duke’s original owner passed away and was taken in by the extended family of the owner. Unfortunately, they decided to not keep him and dropped him off at a closed shelter in January 2017. Duke was on the loose for a couple of weeks before animal control captured him. During that time, he picked up heartworm, fleas and ticks. K9 Stray rescued him from the animal control shelter that was in the thumb area of Michigan. K9 Stray gave Duke the medical care that he needed and was able to come home once he completed all his treatments.

My wife and I like to go on hikes in the area and have always wanted to bring our dogs along. Unfortunately, Duke may have been hit by a car or suffered some other trauma to his back end. This injury has caused him to have a hard time walking very far. Duke was only allowed to walk short distances to keep his back end from getting too stiff. After his one lap around the court that we live on, we would drop him off and hear his howls and cries as we continued on the walk with just Lola in the neighborhood. We thought he might be willing to ride in a wagon. So I spent a couple of days researching different brands and types of wagons. I was looking for quality, aesthetic appeal and durability. I ended up choosing to customize a Radio Flyer wagon which worked perfectly because I was able to select what would work best for our lifestyle and future plans. We go on 2-3 hikes a week as a family and Duke is never left out.

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