Family Legacy

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Family Legacy
By: Pam P. |  Date:  Monday, November 3, 2014
Our love of Radio Flyer wagons spans 4 generations!

My late Father-In-Law confided in me that he always wished that he owned a Radio Flyer wagon when he as a small boy.

As a child, I would go next door and play all day in my cousin's wagon.

When our daughter was born 29 years ago, one of our first purchases was a Radio Flyer wagon with the wood rails.

That wagon took so many trips into the woods, the zoo and even became a covered wagon when we dressed up as pioneers for the local community Heritage Days.

Our son was born 2.5 years later and the wagon became a traveling circus tent as he hauled all of his stuffed animals around the yard! We hauled pumpkins and leaves and puppies and kids!

That wagon is still in our garage - very old but very well loved.

When our granddaughter was born 22 months ago, well... it was a no-brainer on what we HAD to buy her! She received her very own Radio Flyer wagon (pictured in the photo) for Easter when she was 3 months old.

We couldn't contain our excitement when she was finally big enough to sit in the wagon and take her first ride around her house! We carefully surrounded her with pillows and blankets and off we went! Her smile and giggles made it very evident that our family's love for Radio Flyer wagons would continue!

This year my granddaughter picked out her costume for Halloween (Sesame Street's Abby Cadabby), as well as those for her Mommy (female Big Bird) and Daddy (the Count).

We wanted to create a mini-float for the parade, and immediately realized that we could accomplish that feat by utilizing her Radio Flyer wagon! With a little imagination and crafting, we didn't have to ask how to get to Sesame Street because it obviously was rolling down the road on four Radio Flyer wheels!

Mackenna and her parents, as well as her Sesame Street friends and the Radio Flyer wagon float were the HIT of the parade! So many people commented on how awesome they all looked. People were snapping photos of them. They even won Best Group at the parade.

Four generations of our family have so many wonderful and happy memories of adventures and play time because of our Radio Flyer wagons.

I am very confident that future generations will als fall in love with their very own Radio Flyer wagons.

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