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By: Vanessa F. |  Date:  Monday, December 23, 2013
My daughter, Vivienne, received the fire engine Radio Flyer for her 1st birthday from my parents, her grandparents. She is smiling up at her proud father. He is finally beginning a career in firefighting after waiting 4 years. These were four long years that we applied each time we could. It is very hard to get a job here with the fire department. He ia a US Marine Vet and a very hard worker. We struggled through many hard times and his dream is finally coming true! I love this picture because it shows their love! I know she will grow up being as proud of her dad as I am of my husband. This one is perfect because we can push her! She puts a serious face on when we are moving and grins when we stop! We love our Radio Flyer fire engine!

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