First Bike

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First Bike
By: Brianne G. |  Date:  Sunday, December 28, 2014
#GentryHudson's First Bike!

It's a pretty simple story really, but one that is forever ingrained into my memory bank! Gentry turned one year this past November (11/13/13) and I mulled over what to purchase him for his first birthday. I wanted this gift to not be something he just plays with then forgets about. After searching for... days... The parental units agreed this was "the gift." After his party had come and gone and his little mind wasn't so distracted, we wheeled this bike out for him in the living room. The noise of the wheels immediately caught his attention and he squealed with excitement. We placed him in his latest and greatest gift and took him on his first walk in it. The kid couldn't stop laughing! He was so BEYOND excited! That was the first day we witnessed him react like this to something other than his bottle or sippy cup. The magnitude of his excitement was so off the charts I just don't have the right words to express it! We are so forever grateful for Radio Flyer and for creating products that are of such high quality, we know this will last for years to come. Each walk I take with Gentry is an absolute joy. Thank you Radio Flyer!

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