First ride

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First ride
By: Jackie P. |  Date:  Saturday, April 26, 2014
Mother's Day of last year, I was pregnant with my second child. He was 2 days past his due date, and I was ready to pop. My daughter, makayla ,who was 3, got her first radio flyer tricycle that day from my parents. They gave it to her as a "big sister" gift, and she was so excited. It took her about 15 minutes of practice, and before long she was speeding up and down the driveway. I remember watching her and feeling the beginning of contractions. I went into labor that night, and makaylas little brother Matthew was born at 3am the next morning. While I was in the hospital, I missed makayla so much. I would look at the picture of her on the tricycle and cry. I cried because I missed her, because I was hormonal, and I guess because she wasn't the baby anymore. In a matter of a few hours I felt like my little girl wasn't so little anymore. It's been almost a year since this picture was taken and it still makes me so happy, yet so sad. I love how her hair is blowing in the breeze, and the big smile on her face. The sadness is because I can't believe how much she has grown and matured in the past year. This picture reminds me to enjoy every moment of life. No matter how small it may seem at the time.

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