Funeral Director

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Funeral Director
By: Aaron  K. |  Setting: Texas  |  Date:  Thursday, July 27, 2017
We use our little red wagon in a cemetery. We are on our second one now as our first one was stolen. When a family suffers a loss it is never easy, and especially when it is a child. We have found a small act of service can help a hurting and grieving family go along ways. During a service for a child in our cemetery we have provided a little red wagon. The parents are provided with an opportunity to pull their child one last time, from the hearse to the grave. It's never easy to watch, but often mother, and father cling heavy to this idea. The casket will remain in the wagon throughout the service and at the end pulled to the grave for burial. I know many will not find this idea cute, or photogenic, but others will find it comforting and subtle. On behalf of our families, we thank you for our little red wagon.

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