Gammy & Granddaddy--another great memory!

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Gammy & Granddaddy--another great memory!
By: Linda F. |  Date:  Wednesday, March 28, 2018
When I think about Radio Flyer, I automatically think of my maternal grandparents, whom my three sisters and I called Gammy and Granddaddy. While my parents always had fun things at their own house, when we went to Gammy and Granddaddy's house (which was right next door and basically an extension of our own home), they always had the BEST toys, including a Radio Flyer wagon! We would take it up, down, right, left, and ALL over my grandparents' property! We LOVED it! I think Granddaddy may have even used it after we finished another favorite with them--FISHING in their pond! I think he used that to throw the slimy fish guts into after he cleaned our days' treasures, to get them ready for Gammy to cook up for us girls! <3 They were irreplaceable grandparents, and I'm glad I can think of THEM when I think of Radio Flyer!!!

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