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By: Nika D. |  Date:  Thursday, April 24, 2014
As a little girl I remember my father's stories of his little red wagon, his Radio Flyer, to be exact. My father was born in 1950, the oldest of nine kids. Being the oldest, he was always responsible for watching his brothers and sisters. His favorite part was entertaining them with his little red wagon. At first, he never wanted to share his wagon because it was his pride and joy but he slowly realized that giving his siblings rides in his wagon always made them laugh and somehow that Radio Flyer made all of them get along and work together. Fast forward on to 1969 and my father was shipped off to Vietnam. My dad told me the image of his Radio Flyer with his brothers and sisters riding along side waiting for their chance to sit inside the wagon all while laughing was the image that made him remember home when loneliness set in. As a little girl and to this day whenever I see a Radio Flyer, I can't help but picture those none little kids, laughing and playing and realizing that is symbolizes family and home. Now that I'm a mother I want my son to feel that same warmth. The playful and secure feeling that only a little red wagon can bring.
(My son, Jax, pictured left and a drawing of the exact picture, right)

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