Generations of Enjoyment

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Generations of Enjoyment
By: Linda S. |  Setting: Cool, CA  |  Date:  Friday, December 18, 2015
As a child in a military family with four siblings, we moved annually for the first twelve years of my life and were limited on what toys we could take with us. We always chose our Radio Flyer wagon, tricycle and bike. Those toys lasted through all five of us and were still in great shape to hand down to other children when we outgrew them. As a parent, I continued the tradition of purchasing Radio Flyer products for my own children, including a rocking horse, wagon and tricycle. I held on to them for years, waiting for my grandchildren to arrive. My husband finally talked me into giving them to families we knew with small children, then, within the year, my daughter announced she was pregnant with our first grandchild. On his first birthday, we gave him a rocking horse. Next, we purchased a tricycle. When twins came a couple of years later, we purchased the large canopied wagon for them. Today, I assembled the rocking horse, Blaze, for our latest grandchild for her "big" Christmas present from her grandparents. As I assembled Blaze, I thought about how much joy your company has given my family throughout my entire life and I wanted to personally thank you for that. Your products are pure enjoyment for the children, solidly built, easy to assemble, last forever, and make us so happy! Thank you for being the wonderful company you are and maintaining the exceptional quality of your products. I will continue to be a fan for life and am sure my children and grandchildren will continue the tradition. You are AWESOME! Merry Christmas!

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