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By: Gina L. |  Date:  Sunday, December 7, 2014
"Dear Radio Flyer,
We purchased a Liberty spring horse about 6-7 years ago as a present for my son. Since the minute that horse enered our house he has been ridden by every child big enough to ride him. He was given the name Geoffrey by my son so the name Geoff has stuck all of these years.
My husband and I were foster parents and I cannot stress enough how much of a calming effect Geoff had on some of the children. Some would ride him for hours thinking about whatever they needed to to calm down. Some bounced away anger some bounced and had the best time of their lives. Geoff was a life saver.
I am looking at Geoff now. His handles might be a little worse for wear but looking at him he has held up good as new otherwise. As our kids get older I wonder what will happen to Geoff. Then I think about all of the grand kids who will enjoy the amazing Geoff. It isn't often these days that you get a toy that will last through more than one kids it is amazing to think of Geoff lasting generations

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