Gifts to Share

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Gifts to Share
By: Debi L. |  Setting: Utah  |  Date:  Wednesday, May 4, 2016
I am so grateful for Radio Flyer! Besides great products, they also have exceptional customer service. They are honest. I am never surprised by hidden fees or sales that turn out to just be click-bait. As the wife of a PhD student and mother of three young children, money is often tight. But thanks to the birthday club and the occasional discounts, I've been able to find a great deal on a Ziggle for my 5 year old and a Cyclone for my 3 year old.

A couple years ago for Christmas, I got my son a Ziggle. I didn't have much idea of what it was, but as soon as my husband put it together, my little boy was out in the 30-degree weather, wiggling, zooming, and twisting. I absolutely adore watching him. Seriously, where's an adult-sized version? We were so impressed with the quality and ingenuity from Radio Flyer that we bought my other son a Cyclone for his birthday this year. He just turned 3 and can't get enough of his gift. For a few days he just wheeled and spun around our house, thrilling in the enjoyment of his "cyc-a-lone!" Now that we finally convinced him it's an outdoor toy, he plays outside, entrancing the neighborhood kids (and their parents) as often as I'll let him.

I've been especially impressed with how the bikes Radio Flyer has created for my boys have helped them learn to share. My kids have a hard time sharing, especially things that are precious to them, but with their Ziggle and Cyclone, they can't wait to get outside and show off to everyone and then step aside and let their friends to have a turn! Sometimes gifts can be a scary thing to buy--you never know if the receiver is going to like what you got--but with Radio Flyer, I never lose confidence. I know it will captivate, excite, and entertain for years.

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