girls wagon

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girls wagon
By: Jeff R. |  Date:  Sunday, October 20, 2013
"When I was a child I had a friend that had one of the little red wagons with wooden sides. I remember always asking for one but my family only had enough money for the necessities I didn't mind because my mother would go to yard sales and flea markets and buy toys and clean them up and or repaint them to look new. Then she would hide them all year until my birthday and Christmas and I would have so many toys I would forget about what we couldn't afford. Skip ahead 38 years and I am trying to decide what model to buy my daughters. I think I will buy the one with wooden sides my mother would be proud. There is not a day that goes buy that we don't miss her she was a friend to all and would feed anybody that needed a meal. We already have a name for the wagon it is Deedee her name was Donna and the children called her Deedee. Sorry to ramble on but this is the first chance to tell why a little red wagon is so important to me."

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