Giving my brother and sister a ride

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Giving my brother and sister a ride
By: Rebecca A. |  Setting: Milwaukee Wisconsin  |  Date:  Wednesday, May 20, 2009
When we moved into our first house my kids had discovered how fun it was to play outside. When their little sister came along, we had to find activities that she could be brought to as well. The kids discovered at their Nana and Papa's house a wagon. It was my wagon from my godfather when I was three. It needed a little love so we cleaned it up, tightened a few screws and put the baby car seat in the wagon along with our toys for the park and off we would go. When the little one out grew the car seat, the two girls would ride in the wagon and we would go to the park or library. Soon it was not good enough to ride, the littlest wanted to pull everyone else in the wagon on our adventures just like she had seen us pulling her around. The two kids climbed in and I pushed the wagon from behind to make her feel like she was pulling them up the hill. When she realized I was pushing she was really mad. The kids got out and she made them hold her hand as she was pulling the wagon behind her. I am pretty sure all the neighbors had to come and see this event. As she was pulling the wagon she would find a rock, pick it up and ask the neighbor if she could put it the wagon for her garden. Every time we would go out the neighbors would always have the prettiest rock for her to add to her garden. She is now 8 and has a littler sister but they still pull the wagon around the block. Many of the neighbors who gave her rocks have since retired and moved away, but they have made many new friends and still stop and visit with some of the older neighbors. I think both the adults and my kids get a kick of stopping with the wagon and swapping stories of how old the wagon is.

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