Growing up with Mildred

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Growing up with Mildred
By: Kathleen H. |  Setting: New Jersey  |  Date:  Thursday, March 29, 2018
I'm one of three children my older sister was born with CP and Ms. I grew up in the seventies with my sister in a wheelchair all her life still in it when we were children we would put her in are little red Radio Flyer wagon and walk around for hours. I'll never forget the joy in her face as we drug her everywhere we went in a wagon. As a child it was awful hard to push a wheelchair in some of the places that we went and we could get that little wagon everywhere. My sister was able to fish for the first time in her life cuz we could put it in the wagon get her to the lake. My brother and I took her everywhere in that wagon you see she looked as normal as us without the wheelchair. No I'm not ashamed of my sister never have been never will be but other kids could be so mean. That little red metal wagon meant a lot to us. I'm sure it's somewhere in my mother shed. Oh we we're not rich but we sure felt like it. That wagon was a big part of our childhood. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to tell you my story. My sister is 57 years old now and is lived way past what she was expected to thank goodness. For the love of Mildred is pure and innocent.

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