Heart Surgery

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Heart Surgery
By: Kasia M. |  Date:  Tuesday, April 8, 2014
My little miracle, my daughter Karlie De'Breah. Karlie had open heart surgery at 10 months old to patch 4 holes in her heart. Karlie's surgery was on August 26th 2011 at Duke' children's hospital. Not long out of icu she wanted to be wheeled around in the little red wagon (radio flyer) . Everyone knew Karlie by Saturday, we took turns pulling her around the entire hospital. She even met John Edwards:) That's all she wanted to do. By Sunday August 28th they released her to go home. When she came home, my dad, her Pa, bought her her own red Radio Flyer wagon! Karlie is 3 now and still has her wagon. It's a very special memory that we will keep forever!

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