Helping Nurture Children's Growth

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Helping Nurture Children's Growth
By: Richard H. |  Setting: Lexington, MA  |  Date:  Monday, January 8, 2018
One of the many benefits of being a new Tesla owner is the "Thank You" that Tesla provides for referring friends that order a new Tesla. One such thank you is gifting us with a drivable battery operated Model S Tesla for kids that is provided from Radio Flyer. So far we have received three Tesla kid cars and have donated all three to the F.U.S.E. (Foundation for Understanding Social Engagement) school in Lexington, MA. The first two are currently being used by the children at the school and the third will be auctioned off at the school's next fundraiser in late April of this year.
The F.U.S.E. school provides an early education environment that nurtures a child's social and emotional growth. You can read more about the F.U.S.E. school at their web site

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