Her Wish

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Her Wish
By: David  M. |  Date:  Thursday, January 23, 2014
As the saying goes "Every picture tells a story". Well, the story of the wagon in this recent picture started about 25 years ago. The boys in the picture, Leo and Cole are three and half year old fraternal twins. They had an Aunt Barb who had two boys with a very similar Radio Flyer Wagon about 25 years ago. One spring at a local Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt, one of Aunt Barb's boys found a very special egg, "Redeemable for a 'still in the box' Radio Flyer Wagon". Since Aunt Barb's boys already had a Radio Flyer T & C Wagon, the wagon was tucked away into her attic, 'still in the box'; in hopes of someday maybe giving it to a grandchild.

As we all know life can be a very bumpy and an unsettled journey, and about eight years ago Aunt Barb was diagnosed with a nasty form of Cancer. Chemo and radiation followed, and for a short time, Aunt Barb was in remission. Life was looking up for Aunt Barb and the family, and almost four years ago Leo, Cole and another nephew, Wyatt were born. On good days, Aunt Barb would visit the kids and holidays were especially fun with the new babies.

Complications from the Chemo and medications put Aunt Barb in need of a bone marrow transplant, and less than a year into her transplant, she was diagnosed with a graft versus host disease.

Quietly and privately she put her final months to good use, in that time she hauled the wagons with much love; the original wagon that her boys enjoyed so long ago to was delivered to Wyatt's house. And that 'still in the box' Radio Flyer Wagon from the Easter Egg hunt was delivered to Leo and Cole.

I and sure now that Aunt Barb knew grandchildren were not in her future on this Earth, and it brought her much joy knowing these boys would put these wagons to good use.

Today, this wagon gets used on almost a daily basis, our family is not too big on thumb and finger toys and this wagon allows them to be kids, working, creating and imagining many things. Depending upon their project of the day, some days this wagon is a sled with wheels, others it is their taxi; on this recent muddy winter day it was their trailer to haul their heavy equipment to their "jobsite" in our backyard.

Antinio Pasin would be proud to know that 97 years after his wagon business started the core of his business, the simple toy wagon is still its' flagship. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

This picture speaks volumes to our family, it is more than just a wagon, it is love, it is a legacy.

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