The Hill

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The Hill
By: Dawn M. |  Setting: Pittsburgh, PA  |  Date:  Tuesday, April 19, 1977
I remember when I was 13 years old and my mother became very ill. She had a little girl (3) and a boy (1 1/2) to take care of. I would take my brother and sister for walks up and down, up and down, etc... (you get the idea) on Willowbrook Road in our Radio Flyer wagon. This made them sooooo happy. I would keep them both busy for literally hours. This gave my mom a break so she could rest and heal. The Radio Flyer allowed me to entertain both kids at the same time. They got fresh air, sun and the bonding we did has made us close to this day.
My brother had a son, Jesse, in 2016 and they have another one on the way. When Baby Jesse had his 1st Birthday I bought him a Radio Flyer Battery Powered Moto Racer. Now my brother spends quality time bonding with his son. The tradition continues. Thank you Radio Flyer for bringing good wholesome family standards to our family.

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