Hip Dysplasia

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Hip Dysplasia
By: Hanah R. |  Date:  Thursday, April 10, 2014
"Hi! Well, let's see.. where do I start? I'm Hanah Roberts. I'm 19 and I currently live in Belton, Texas. I'm originally from a little town in Washington. I have an amazing 7 month old son named Mason. Being so young, we do struggle with money, but we make it work! However, This would be so helpful if we win!! Mason's dad works almost 24-7 and we rarely have time for family. But again we make it work... OK! So I was born August 11, 1994, weighting 9 pounds 9 oz. in Vancouver, Washington. When I was born into this crazy world, I had Hip Dysplasia. It is an abnormal formation of the hip socket. So I got the surgery and got the cute little pink casts on my legs. So being 9 pounds and with casts, my mom decided to buy a little ol' red wagon for me so she can take me places with out having to carry me. Every where I went I was in this wagon, for years at that! The Little cherry red Radio Flyer wagon meant a lot to me for years. Even though I couldn't walk when I was little, it help me get around. So thank you so much! -Hanah Roberts"

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