hole in heart

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hole in heart
By: Linda M. |  Date:  Friday, November 22, 2013
"When we were little, it was for Christmas then like it is today for some: girls get dolls and doll clothes; boys get Radio Flyer wagon to ride in, battery-operated fire engine, push-pedal metal cars, etc.

When my parents died, we looked in the huge closets in the garage and found the red wagon and, of course, my brother claimed it as his own, even though I got to use it when he got too big and moved on. I guess he was right: our parents bought it for him.

But I was very upset when I found no toys for me or my children. I already had the only dolls my mother saved for me. There was just a huge hole in my heart.

Then I had my own boys and, of course, bought them a WAGON! I was ecstatic, but with multiple moves around the state, we were forced to give up things and pack up. The WAGON had to go. The hole was back in my heart.

My 80-year-old neighbors asked me to search online for the red steel wagon for their grandkids, and I found your site. Imagine my glee at reading the stories and WOW, I could win one!

I know I'm 66 years old, but I work in the garden a lot and could use it to move plants, dirt, little rocks and, of course, to give me a ride down a small hill every now and then!

My kids are grown and have no children, so I'm the only one left to play. Will you let me?"

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