Jacks Joy Toy

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Jacks Joy Toy
By: Kira L. |  Date:  Wednesday, April 30, 2014
This is my NEWEST
Nephew-- and actually between My brother Dustin, Sister Renee, and myself.(Kira)... he is the only boy born! And boy is he CUTE. His dad is a big guy( I think 6'5") So it's no wonder he was already sitting around in his wagon at 6 months old. Ready to go ----WEEEE, WEEEE, HEE hee.... Now all that is missing is his Fly with my nursery rhyme Radio. Maybe he does wiggle and jiggle and giggle, but my super sister wouldn't have it any other way. Renee is going to be the BEST MOM! Although I have not met this lil man yet, I sure do love him. Ya See, Florida and Phoenix are not exactly within the Route limits of this Radio Flyer Wagon. My sis is in Florida and his smile in his favorite new joy toy tells me that she is doing her part- and his part....... well simple, SEE JACK SMILE---- Radio Flyer is seeing their part! Stunning and So Sweet, I think he deserves a twitter tweet tweet!! Follow this man to the moon and back, because he is destined to be a SHINING STAR!!
Radio Flyer is the reason this moment will be remembered always!! That wagon will always remind me of the good times Shared through the eyes of a child... even if it is just a photo. Worth a thousand words= Jack's 1st Easter.. :)........ Oh- I noticed it was Easter by the date 4-20-2014... I guess that might be an egg in his hand. And here I was thinking it was hacky sack time. :) Hey Jack- keep soaring - and hope to see ya soon!

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