James n' Jude

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James n' Jude
By: Kimberly C. |  Date:  Monday, January 20, 2014
Adventures of James n' Jude

This is James n' Jude's adventures with their Radio Flyer wagon, come along and lets have some fun! We love our Radio Flyer wagon, we take it with us everywhere. Our Neenaw gave it to us as a Christmas gift in 2012 and we have enjoyed it for over a year. We love taking walks with our mommy, she takes us up and down hills and walks for miles, our wagon has to have over 100+miles on it. Many adventures we have been on with our wagon include visiting apple orchards, Halloween events, walking the Louisville bridge, going to the playground, visiting the traveling Veteran's memorial wall and such much more!

Recently, we have enjoyed pulling the wagon for mommy while we take our walk around the block. This picture is our most recent walk, we didn't let the cold weather stop us. We enjoyed sharing our story with you, we have many favorite photos with our wagon, and look forward to making many more. Twins make twice the fun and twice the memories!

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