Jasper's Ride

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Jasper's Ride
By: Jerry P. |  Date:  Wednesday, August 27, 2014
I found and bought this (little red wagon, ATW) from an old co-worker that I connected with on FaceBook. It was his son’s, given to him by his grandmother. His son is only 21 years old and wanted to sell it for the cash.
My husband restored it to it’s original splendor for our 5-month-old Grandson, Jasper Wolff.

We wanted to keep it as authentic as possible. All it really needed was a good scrub and a wee bit of paint anyway. So we painted the inside “The Fire Engine Red” and painted the black handle and the white tire rims. He also repaired and varnished the wooden railing.

We gave it to Jasper a few weeks ago and took him for his “First Ride” (in his Bumbo chair, as he can’t sit yet) and he LOVED it…as did we! We know he will get loads of fun out of his little red wagon and we are hoping it lasts another 21 years!

I made a deal with the seller, that “if” his son decided once he had a family of his own that I would sell it back to him for what we paid! We shook on it…but I sure hope he never wants it back!

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