Jaxon's Wagon

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Jaxon's Wagon
By: Tiffany B. |  Date:  Tuesday, January 27, 2015
"On February 25, 2014, my five-year-old son, Jaxon, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. One of the happiest things he had in the hospital was a red wagon to ride in, but it belonged to the hospital. I had friends ask me what I wanted to help out during hospital stays, and my response was a red wagon. Before we left on March 1, Jaxon had his own red Radio Flyer wagon. During radiation therapy, we moved into the hospital with our red wagon, and loaded it up weekly to go home. Jaxon also had the freedom of riding down the halls in his own personal wagon that made travel and outings easier. We still have the wagon, and are now sharing little red wagon with fellow patients."

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