Just a toy?

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Just a toy?
By: robyn F. |  Date:  Tuesday, April 29, 2014
This is our son Augustine. Last summer he collected every coin he saw, placing them one by one in his piggy bank until the very special day that the bank was full! We went to the store and 2 year old Augustine wanted nothing except this shiny red scooter. He purchased it all on his own and i would love to say its his new favorite toy but its not. This scooter is not a toy. Its a spaceship he rides to outer space, the plank of a pirate ship, and the escape vehicle from the dragons and dinos down the street. He loves this scooter because it can take him anywhere his heart desires, but i love it because it reminds me of everything i loved about being a child. And i have to agree with Augustine, this scooter is not a toy, its a time machine.

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