Life on the Farm!

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Life on the Farm!
By: Daniella N. |  Setting: Iowa  |  Date:  Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Every morning my son Ryder and I mix up a big bucket of milk and I fasten him into his Radio Flyer as he smiles with excitement. We stroll down the hill with dogs in tow to a very hungry bottle calf eagerly awaiting his breakfast. I park the red wagon in front of Norman the calf’s pen as Ryder giggles with delight at Norman jumping and wiggling around. I give the calf his milk and we then wheel over to the horses, I feed them as Ryder looks at them in awe and wonder. Next we head over to the chicken coop and Ryder grips the side of the Radio Flyer Wagon and peek his head over to get a better view of the chickens running about. I collect their eggs and we put them into the red wagon. Ryder and I slowly stroll up the hill, enjoying the cool morning air and the sun starting to rise. We make our way to the mama cat and her four rambunctious kittens. The kittens jump all over the wagon as Ryder tries to catch a quick pet. We make a few more laps around the yard to enjoy the amazing morning before heading inside. The joy and wonder on Ryder’s face as we do morning chores is a heartwarming site to see. He adores any and all animals and lights up every time we go outside. While strapping him into his Radio Flyer he squeals and wiggles with pure excitement. Sitting in his Radio Flyer Wagon makes it easy for him to enjoy the great outdoors and be on the same level as all of the farm critters! Giving my son the gift of loving all animals and nature is one of the greatest things we could ever give him. We Love our Radio Flyer Wagon and all of the adventures we have in it and look forward to all of the adventures yet to come!

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