A life time of memories

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A life time of memories
By: Janice C. |  Setting: N. Ct. Myers, FL.  |  Date:  Saturday, March 31, 2018

Being raised poor; i cant remember much about the wagon my family had. But i remember bits & pieces of using a red flyer wagon.

I remember us neighborhood kids using a wagon to haul bottles around; that we were collecting for the deposit money. We wanted to buy candy & sodas with the money we got.

Then there were times we just road in a wagon. We had to take turns pulling each other. There were some steep hills to climb. But it was worth the wait for my turn.

Seems as i got older; on emc situations i used a wagon to pull my clothes to the laundry matt, when i had no ride.

I used a wagon when i could find one to haul my plants around to do gardening.

Last, is the most value meaning in a vision i had once. I saw a wagon coming down through the mid air. The meaning of wagon is "Knowledge". Since then i have received much knowledge. I have even used a wagon to pull books!

Every kid should have a wagon in their life time. Should i win; i would like them to be split up between every county hospital in the state of Fl., starting with my county. If not... I choose the Salvation Army.

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