Lil G's Wagons of Hope

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Lil G's Wagons of Hope
By: Thadd C. |  Setting: Children's Hospital of Augusta  |  Date:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
I wanted to tell you briefly about my now 13 year old daughter who started a fund raiser when she was only 7 years old and what it has grown into today, it all started when her little friend Developed leukemia and her hair fell out Gracey asked if she could donate her hair in honor of her friends to locks of love and we said yes, as a reward we took her to buy her a little outfit and as we were leaving they asked if we would like to donate a dollar to the Children’s Hospital, we did and Gracey’s brain starts spinning she wanted to know why we did that, we told her that it goes to help Buy items and supplies that they need at the Children’s Hospital, she then asked if she could take her money she earned from the yard sale we had and donate it as well, we called the hospital and they said we could either bring the money by or they can email us a list of the items they need but they are always in desperate need of wagons to pull the kids around instead of wheelchairs, so we took the money bought the radio Flyer pathfinder wagon as they requested and with the rest of the money we filled the wagon with toys that were on the list, this only made Gracey’s brain Spin even more and she decided to ask her principal if she could get her school involved, she was only seven years old when this happened her principal said yes and the fund raiser began, the first year she did it she raise enough money for 15 wagons and 3000 items now here we are seven years later and it has now grown through the years to over 300 wagons, And over 200,000 items and toys donated!! And it just keeps growing!! that is what she has donated to the Children’s Hospital, this year we already have 20 wagons put together and ready for delivery and approximately 20 to 30 more we will be ordering along with well over 10,000 items and toys to be donated to the Children’s Hospital this year. She was honored last year to receive the Prudential spirit of community award where she was selected amongst 17,000 other students to receive this award on top of a house of resolution award given to her by the house of representatives for her fundraiser appropriately named Lil G’s wagons of hope, so if you have seen a spike in sales for your radio flyer pathfinder wagon around the month of June in South Carolina now you know why, just wanted you to know what your wagons are used for and how much we appreciate your wagons, And here are a few pictures so you can see just what we’re talking about.

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