Little Red Wagon II

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Little Red Wagon II
By: joanna A. |  Setting: Des Plaines, IL  |  Date:  Thursday, October 22, 1970
About 46 years ago, my husband’s family bought a brand new station wagon. To their surprise, they were given a brand new Radio Flyer wagon with their purchase of the car. My husband and his siblings were so happy to have this wagon. They enjoyed it through the years. When we had our first child, my husband’s parents gave us the wagon. We had our second daughter, and the girls would love the wagon for years. Now our oldest has two boys of her own. We decided it’s time to buy them their own wagon. My husband still uses the original wagon. He carries things from the shed to the garage. And uses it for many other things. I feel like this wagon has come full circle, I really loved hearing the story of how Radio Flyer came to be.
This summer we took our grandson Luke to Old Orchard shopping mall. Luke got to try the wagon and he loved it. We are so happy to order a custom wagon for Luke and Logan and know that they will enjoy it for years to come.
Thank you Radio Flyer :)

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