Little Wooden Red Wagon

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Little Wooden Red Wagon
By: Angela V. |  Setting: NW Iowa Countryside  |  Date:  Wednesday, June 25, 1986
Let's go back almost 30 years to my First Birthday. Grandma H. gave me a wooden red radio flyer wagon that year and I couldn't have been more excited my Mother said. She would pull me around the farm during chore time and on country walks in the evening. Fast forward about 5 years and I now had siblings in which to pull around in the very same wagon. Jump 5 more years and my older brother and I were now using it as our "race car" on the driveway. We would take the sides off of it. Then we would have one person sit on the wagon with the tongue up against the front so they could steer it and the other person behind pushing it down the driveway. Sometimes we even got a little crazy and use the ditch sides for more speed. Around the same age and until I was a bit older I would also take the wagon and construct what I would call "cat condos" and place my kitty's in and pull them all over the yard. These condos had blanket ceilings and walls and were typically bedded with grass clippings ha ha ha. boy those cats sure tolerated a lot of bumping around in my little red wagon. Even our puppies came along for the ride sometimes and the whole ensemble would end up in a family photo or two. Fast forward to now, I am almost 31 years old and I still have my beloved little red wagon. It has seen better days, but it is the most played with toy I still own. I now have two children of my own (1.5 years and 7 months). I am currently in the process of redoing and fixing my little red wagon so that my boys can enjoy it just as much as I did growing up on the farm. There are a few things that need some serious repair and it needs some new paint, but i have it all broken down and ready to be refurbished into its former glory. It will soon be ready for another 30 years of laughing children playing with it. :)

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