Lucky Charm

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Lucky Charm
By: Ranee A. |  Date:  Thursday, January 16, 2014
A week before Christmas my baby boy got a really bad cold. He was fussy, cranky, lost his appetite, and couldn't sleep because he had trouble breathing. My husband was away in Naval training and I was the only one taking care of the baby. Baby and I had a few sleepless nights. We were exhausted. I finally decided to give him his Radio Flyer car early. It was supposed to be his Christmas present. I'll never forget how he lit up when he first saw it. He played with it for a little while until he got tired. That night, he slept better than he did the past few nights. The next day, he felt a lot better. It was as if he told himself, "I want to feel better tomorrow because I want to play with my car." His doctor was even surprised that his cold didn't progress to the flu. It worked like a charm. Now, we take it out everywhere and turn heads. It's one of the best purchases we ever made. He loves it!

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