Me & my wagon

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Me & my wagon
By: Dorothy A. |  Date:  Wednesday, July 16, 2014
"My story goes back many moons ago. When I was just a little girl of 6 years old. My Sister Helen, 7 years older than me. Often just pulled me around. And taught me how to steer. While pushing the wagon. Later she taught me how to push myself. One leg, on knee, in wagon. And push with the other leg/foot. Oh how fun that was. The wagon seemed so big to me.
The wagon was not just for play. It doubled as a work wagon. For one every Sat. Daddy, Sis, my red flyer & me. Went to the market & loaded it with food supplies for the week. I mainly went along for the ride. I've written a poem about it, for my sister several years ago. She is gone now, as are my Daddy & Wagon. But those memories live on. It was a gift from Santa 1936, I was 5 nearing 6.
Dorothy Fedorczak Adkins


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