A Mishap

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A Mishap
By: Jaimi A. |  Date:  Friday, July 4, 2014
"I just wanted to share our Radio Flyer story, though it ended well, it isn't typical I hope. We took our two children, ages three and one, for a ride in their new Radio Flyer wagon. After carefully navigating my in-laws steep driveway I turned the wago over to my niece, who is eight. Unfortunately I underestimated the grade of the road and she tried to run off the start with the wagon. She lost control and the wagon careened several hundred feet before hitting a curb near a mailbox of a neighbor and landing upside down. Thankfully I was careful to belt the kids in correctly, and the UV sun shade actually took the brunt of the landing, leaving my children completely unharmed, though emotionally a little shaken. I am thankful this product is constructed in such a way that they were protected during this unfortunate incident. Thank you Radio Flyer for a quality product, and I will be contacting you soon for a few replacement parts ;)

Jaimi "

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