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By: Sandy P. |  Setting: Chicago  |  Date:  Thursday, May 10, 1979
Our story begins in the late 1970s when my son George was about five years old. I believe it was Stokley can goods who had a special offer, if you save 100 labels and send them in, you would receive a Radio Flyer Wagon! I remember having all the family members, grandma and aunts saving labels so we could get this red wagon, which we did after about a month or two of saving. My son was so excited when it arrived. He would have me take him to the park, grocery store and everywhere in his radio flyer. After about five years my father helped him repaint his wagon. My dad worked at the Cadillac dealer ship in Oak Park. One of his customers was Mario Pason and my father was telling him about his grandson and the repainting of his radio flyer wagon. He mention to him that he needed to find new hubcaps to remount the wheels. Lucky for us he was so kind to get them. We still have the wagon today which was also enjoyed by my grandson. So many special memories in this Radio Flyer Wagon!

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