More than a wagon

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More than a wagon
By: Chris F. |  Date:  Tuesday, September 3, 2013
I grew up racing Radio Flyers down hills and crashing them into each other and as I got older I noticed how hard the older ones became to find in good shape.. This kinda made me want one again to keep so I started searching for them.. I as looked, I seen people modding them and my interested got sparked even more.. I then decided I wanted to mod a couple for my daughters to have fun with and to bring to car shows and public places for family events. The more I looked into them I realized how hard some of them are to find and how rare some are so I decided to collect certain ones and mod certain ones.. I've owned and sold many, and still have a few for myself. Radio Flyer has been an icon in my childhood and I plan on passing that fun and those memories down to my children also!

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