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By: TINA A. |  Setting: Red Boiling Springs  |  Date:  Sunday, July 14, 2002
We bought our oldest son which he is 26 a radio flyer wagon , the one with the wood on top of it when he was about 1. We always have pulled him in it while he was little everywhere we go like camping, fishing, and just around the house. When he got bigger he started pulling his puppies around in it and then he got him a 4-wheeler and he had pulled it behind it. So 10 years later when we had our other child he started pulling him around in it. Til one day I accidently back up over it. I hated that I done that but I just did not see it. I had found a smaller one without the wood on the land he had bought and now using it in pictures when I do family pictures. I also carried my props in one too to help me get it to the places I need alot of stuff at . So it has so many uses for us and if I was to win I would not just give it all to just one charity I would like to spread it out to a few of them like give most of them to the children's hospital for the children to be pulled around in at the hospitals and would love to give some to the animal rescue centers for abused animals to help them also. That would be helping two causes that means so much to me. The children and animals can not really speak for their selves so at least they can maybe have a little special help from me and ya..Thank you , Tina Atkins from Red Boiling Springs, Tn.

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