My First Wagon!

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My First Wagon!
By: Madeline G. |  Setting: Madison, WI  |  Date:  Sunday, September 13, 2015
My name is Madeline and I turned one on September 13, 2015. I was excited to celebrate with my family - that is, until I got to ride in my very first little red wagon from Radio Flyer! The second my dad put me in the wagon I couldn't stop smiling, clapping, and jumping up and down (of course, I couldn't jump that high since he put the seat belt on me). I got to ride in the wagon to my party where I made my grand entrance. This is the picture of me smiling and clapping my way into my party. Mom couldn't contain her smiles as she saw how happy I was in my new ride. I loved it so much, I even stayed in there to open all of my presents from my friends, grandparents, aunt, uncle. I also explored all of the different ways I could set up the seats. I think grandma and grandpa were hinting to my parents that I need a brother or sister, because this wagon has two seats in it. I like having it all to myself for now, but I promise I'll share if I have to. The best part of the party, though, was after all the presents were opened. Mom and Dad took turns running me around the yard in the wagon. I'm sure all of the neighbors could hear my squeals of delight. I know I wore them out as they pulled me around and around going faster and faster, but I think they were just as happy as I was that day. What a perfect gift for my first birthday!

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