My Little Red Wagon Garden Kit

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My Little Red Wagon Garden Kit
By: Darcie T. |  Setting: Alberta  |  Date:  Wednesday, April 6, 2005
Once upon a time there was a little girl, was how I started that story that night. My daughter always wanted me to read to her but I wasn’t a very good reader so I would crawl into bed with her and start with “once upon a time there was a little girl” I would make up bed time stories about true events. This story was special, by the time I came to the end of it my daughter realized it was just like her…”Mommy! Mommy, that’s just like me.” It was the story of how my daughter and I planted a flower garden in “a little red wagon” She loved the story so much, the next evening she wanted me to say it again to her. I thought it was a great opportunity to have her tell me what she remembered and I wrote it. I handed it in as my last English Assignment that year in college, I was just finishing up 3 long years in school getting my grade 12 and my Business Administration certificate. After finding out I had a Learning Disability in reading and writing and only a grade 5 education previously 2 years before that at the age of 30. I worked hard to get my education. It was a dream to finally get it.

10 years later, I found that English Assignment. I read it and fell in love with it again. It was then that I decided to publish it. I’ve always wanted to write a book and become an author but how do you have such a funny Dream when you can’t even read and write?

I self-published “My Little Red Wagon” Oct 30, 2014. A beautiful 15 page illustrated children’s storybook about planting a flower garden in a little red wagon with my daughter and I and This year my daughter graduates grade 12.

Becoming an author has changed my life, my mind expanded into so much more then I could have dreamt of. My imagination grew wider, and my creativity exploded. A few months after publishing and selling my book I came up with a bigger way to promote literacy and learning. From the moment I received my first book in my hand I wanted to promote literacy but just couldn’t figure out how until I came up with my new concept.

April 1, 2016 I launched “My Little Red wagon Garden Kit” An educational hand-on learning tool garden kit that promotes and supports literacy.

My Little red Wagon Garden Kit comes with “My Little Red Wagon” story book, a w5 Little Red Wagon by Radio Flyer, a plastic liner, I have gotten made to fit the wagon, a pair of children garden gloves sizes 3-12, a 3 piece children’s garden tool set, a bag of Pro-mix garden soil, and a package of flower seeds I got made up to represent the 5 colors of the flowers in the book.

We celebrated our 1st year and Radio Flyer celebrates their 100th. We are both celebrating the “concept of change” from a “little red wagon” All the changes of life it has gone through and seen, all the lessons this story has taught all of us in some form or another. Many life lessons have been taught from "a little red wagon" to teaching a young child how to play and imagine to using the wagon as a working tool around the yard or work site, to growing flowers in it. Radio Flyer has given so many memories to an endless amount of people and it will continue until the end of time. Radio Flyer Thank you for being part of my children and I's unforgettable memories that we will forever cherish and share, especially "My Little Red Wagon".

Happy 100 years Radio Flyer. Celebrating the Life Long concept of learning, growing and playing.

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