Nathanials road to recovery

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Nathanials road to recovery
By: Gerald  C. |  Setting: Childrens hospital Columbus Ohio  |  Date:  Thursday, April 5, 2018
When my son was born he had a heart murmer.The doctor said it would most likely go away as he got older.When he turned one we found out it wasn't gonna get better and that it was gonna get worse until the point where he would have open heart surgery.When he turned 8 the condition (Artic Stenosis)had worsened to the point it became critical.He always wanted to play all sports and it was apperent that would probabally never happen.We came in contact with dr.Rosen and dr.MCCONNELL both from Children's hospital in columbus Ohio.They decided to try a new procedure called the Ross procedure.It was very sucessful and Nathanial came through everything like it never happened.While we were at the hospital we decided we were gonna go start a wagon run and raise money to buy new wagons for the hospital.They cost 500 dollars and so far we have raised enough for 7 wagons.With your help we can work together and make sure other children have a ride to and from office visits and to their rooms before sergury.Thank you from Nathanials wagons for a cause.

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