No Wagon Of My Own

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No Wagon Of My Own
By: Laurie N. |  Setting: Gettysburg  |  Date:  Tuesday, August 23, 2016
I was born and raised in a small coal mining town in PA. Of course my dad worked in the coal mine so my parents couldnt afford to buy a radio flyer for us kids

We would go to my grandparents in Gettysburg every other weekend. It was so exciting because we would go to the battle field. However my best part of the wekend was going in my grandpas garage and pulling out the old metal radio flyer. I would go up and down the driveway pulling my dolls in the wagon. That was in the early 60s and the red radio flyer was all metal except the tires. It was such fantastic memories i bought a radio flyer to pull my children around. Then bought one to pull my grandsons around. When they outgrew the wagon my grandsons used it to pull around their "special" rocks bugs, pine cones. Anything they thought was special. Three generations have loved and enjoyed great memories with the red radio flyer

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