Our little girls wagon

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Our little girls wagon
By: Vickie M. |  Setting: Cape Coral Fl  |  Date:  Wednesday, October 26, 2016
We got our oldest daughter a red wagon for her second birthday. We used it for our other two girls and the kids that lived around us. In 1989 we moved to Florida and the wagon came with us. We kept it in the attic untill our oldest daughter who received it at the age of two told us she was pregnant and expecting a boy.. my husband got the wagon down and took it apart and cleaned it up..He painted it blue and we gave it to her at the shower filled with things for the baby.. she still has and uses it four boys later. The boys are 8,6,4,and 22mtsold and they still love riding In it our daughter is now 32 years old. It has been and always will be a very special wagon in our family

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