Our Radio Flyer Christmas

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Our Radio Flyer Christmas
By: Sarah Q. |  Date:  Friday, December 25, 2015
We had a completely AMAZING Radio Flyer themed Christmas! My daughter's birthday is New Year's Day (today!) and she is now 3. Last year, on her birthday, she got her first ever Radio Flyer product, the red tricycle. It was exactly like the one I had 30-something years ago! (Except not metal and rusty like mine is!) I still keep my trike to this day, although it's more of a keepsake than used for adventure these days! She loves her tricycle so much, that this Christmas, her and her little cousin, Tommy, both got new Radio Flyer fun! Emma loves her First Scooter and awesome Wagon! Tommy will learn how to walk with his push 1st wagon. It was magical and wonderful and I just truly appreciate your amazing products. Radio Flyer has been in my family probably since before I was born, but at least that long! Thank you for being a part of our Best Christmas Ever!

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