Our Radio Flyer Story

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Our Radio Flyer Story
By: Christel S. |  Setting: Sycamore, IL  |  Date:  Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Our Radio Flyer story is about my father, Robert Sarver.
My dad was born in central Illinois is 1929 into a large family--he was the sixth child, with eight more that would eventually follow. The family was quite poor and the kids really had no toys. One December in the late 30's, the mail carrier arrived with a package. Thinking it was a Christmas surprise from the oldest brother who was working in northern Illinois at the time, they opened the box and found a RADIO FLYER red wagon!!! They were thrilled and excitedly put it together and played with it all day long for over a week. Then the mail carrier returned and told them that he had mistakenly delivered it to them and it was actually supposed to have been delivered to a neighbor. They gave the wagon to the mail carrier who I am sure felt horrible but they didn't seem to have any hard feelings to him.

My parents gave our kids a Radio Flyer and my dad took our kids on dozens and dozens of rides to the park and around our neighborhood. We have given my dad several miniature Radio Flyers trying to make up to him what he didn't have as a kid.

I have always marveled that my dad's family didn't tell the mail carrier that it was his mistake, and he would have to correct it by providing the neighbor with a wagon and they were keeping the one they'd put together.

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