Our Radio Flyer, Then and Now

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Our Radio Flyer, Then and Now
By: Kara R. |  Setting: Modesto, CA  |  Date:  Thursday, August 20, 2015
Christmas 1991 our 2 children, Kaitlynn and Caleb, received a Radio Flyer wagon from their grandparents as a gift. The wagon was a favorite for many years, taking them on many walks to the park and store. They loved being pulled and pulling each other
The wagon grew with them and eventually their brother, Corey, enjoyed the wagon as well. The wagon adapted well to growing, changing its function from "kid hauler" to eventually soccer and baseball gear hauler. It went to concerts, games, and picnics throughout the years.

Now that the kids are 17, 15, and 13, the wagon often finds itself helping out with outside chores with the kids, doing yard work like hauling leaves. While that may not be the wagons first choice of activity (or our kids), it has always been a faithful and hard worker, never breaking down or complaining. Our particular model has removable sides, so it is also helpful for moving large items when needed.

This year, Kaitlynn moved away from home to attend college at San Francisco State University. Folding down the handle underneath so it would fit in our car, the soon to be college student asked "Mom, why are we bringing the wagon?". I responded that it might be helpful for hauling some of her things to the dorm room. She shrugged, I'm sure thinking I was taking our friend along needlessly. The wagon gladly came along, to help out "if needed". Little did we know what a blessing that Radio Flyer would be. We had to park about a half mile away from the dorm room! Kaitlynn stated on our first trip "Mom, that was a really good idea to bring the wagon!". Others may have had their refrigerator dollies, but we were hauling her things "retro style" in our Radio Flyer wagon. The versatility of the removable sides was helpful in moving the larger boxes and her small refrigerator. Several people commented how handy the wagon was, wishing they had kept theirs from when their child was small. As a mom, I couldn't help but hold back the tears as I reminisced about hauling my little girl in this wagon and now she is moving away and it is helping to move her things. Bitter sweet irony.

After our tearful goodbye, the wagon and I left the campus to return home. Such a faithful companion all these years for fun and work was now my faithful companion as I let the tears roll. Now back home, the Radio Flyer sits and waits for its next outing. In 3 years, it may help Caleb move his things into college, but this mom can't bear to think about that right now! I'm thankful our wagon can bring about such fond memories and look forward to the memories to come.

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