Out of rubble

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Out of rubble
By: Mary H. |  Date:  Monday, November 4, 2013
"We live in Glen Haven, Colorado where the September floods destroyed a huge part of our little town. Yesterday I was walking the dogs and found the remains of an old Radio Flyer wagon. It's rusted and twisted but still proudly says "Radio Flyer". I got it out of the rubble and brought it home. I am in my 60s and come from a long line of Radio Flyer folks. I still use the one my kids had for gardening. My grandson got one for his first birthday. I am going to use the wagon to hold flower pots in the garden and give it a new life .
There is only the box left but at one time there were little kids hauling their puppy around or rocketing down a hill with it. Thanks for letting me remember a wonderful piece of our American heritage. "

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