People helping people

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People helping people
By: Bunny C. |  Setting: Vilonia Arkansas  |  Date:  Saturday, March 29, 1997
We lived in a new development and it was raining for days. Some people bought the land next to ours and was trying to move in. The ground was saturated and he could not pull his car into his driveway so parked in the road. He and his 2 children were walking back and forth, through a flowing ditch, to carry their boxes in the house. I had bought 2 Radio Flyer wagons for my grandsons that Christmas and so I went over there and got the 2 boys. We went to the barn and got the wagons and enough lumber to build a temporary bridge across that ditch and moved them into their new home a big speedier than they were going before the wagons came into use.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures to show you but I am sure that Lauri and Dana and their 2 boys, remember that day well.

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