Precious Goddaughter

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Precious Goddaughter
By: Derrick O. |  Setting: Long Island, NY  |  Date:  Friday, August 7, 2015
My best friend for years was having his first baby and although him and his wife, who is also a close friend, wanted to be surprised with the gender of their baby, my friend was hoping for a girl so that he could name her after his mother who had recently passed away. I too was hoping he would have a girl for the same reason and when they had asked me to be their child's godfather, it meant even more. As luck or fate would have it, they ended up having the little girl they had hoped for! For her first birthday I had bought her a Radio Flyer knowing her and her family would enjoy all the fun rides and good times that would come along with it. As the photograph shows, she loves every minute being in her Radio Flyer. Her smiles and giggles while sitting in it can brighten anyone's day.

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