Pumpkin Haul

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Pumpkin Haul
By: Daniel T. |  Date:  Tuesday, October 14, 2014
In the era of iPhones and iPads, it seems like kids are always attached to a device. Recently, some of our friends brought their daughters over, ages one and five, to play in the leaves that had just fallen in our yard. Both girls played in the leaves for a couple of hours and their smiles made for some great photos on a beautiful fall day. But then it was time to go home, and Avery, the big sister, was in charge of the pumpkins we had bought for the girls. Not one to be shy, Avery asked if she could use the Radio Flyer wagon in our garage. We're not sure how old the wagon is or the last time it was even used as we just inherited from my wife's parents who sold their house. But we were glad to see it put to good use again!

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