The Radio Flyer Blessing

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The Radio Flyer Blessing
By: Charlotte P. |  Setting: Pike County Mo.  |  Date:  Wednesday, December 31, 1969
Let me first say, I guess we were poor. It didn't seem like it, there was 13 children, we did not all live at home at the same time we lived on a farm and grew most of our food. Each year we got a new outfit. It was for church, then the old church outfit would be used for school. As the school clothes became too worn, they became play clothes. The boys have their play clothes on in the picture with the Radio Flyer Wagon.
When it came to Christmas , it was not like it is today. We usually got 1 gift, 1 orange and a few pieces of candy. And we were so happy with that.
I think the year was either 1948 or 1949 when my brothers had to share a gift. They got a Radio Flyer Wagon. In fact that wagon became a helper for the whole family.
Since we walked several miles to school, I was taken in the wagon to a 1 room school. I began first grade at 5 so I could go with my older sister for 1 year before she graduated from the 8th grade.
Well back to the wagon. It hauled the milk from the barn each morning and evening.
In the summer my mother wanted to wash clothes near "the spring hole" in the creek, there was such clear and fresh water there. Since it was about 1 mile to it, the wagon helped carry the iron kettle (which I still have) to heat the water to wash the clothes in. After each load was washed and rinsed the wagon hauled them back to the house where my sister's took a break from cleaning to hang them up to dry. On the way back there was quite a hill that my brothers would ride the wagon down, So this Radio Flyer became a work horse, a transporter and a toy. It lasted many years saving my brothers a lot of work but it gave them a lot of fun, like pulling it behind the 1 bicycle while 2 rode. We all loved that Radio Flyer wagon.

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